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More than 1,400 years have passed since the great companion Othman bin Affan purchased the well of Rumah, and the well still irrigates the inhabitants of the city with its water, and waters their palms and trees.

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Who is this endowment for?

Establishing an endowment water factory in the Makkah region, to serve the visitors of the Two Holy Mosques, and to achieve the financial sustainability of the factory and endowment projects through selling in the market for a specified percentage of the factory’s production.

How do I support them? 

Through your contribution, a water factory will be established and the endowment can be supported by making a direct donation here, or by donating by publishing.

When you donate the establishment of the factory, with a value of 900 riyals, 100 water bottles will be distributed annually during your life and after your death.

Why do I support them? 

Because this endowment is spent on the beneficiaries of charitable societies in the Laith Governorate in the Makkah region, on the following categories:

    Distributing irrigation water to the pilgrims and Umrah pilgrims.

    Achieving the financial sustainability of the endowment.

  Supporting social and development work and charities.

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