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Endowment Factory I make endowment

The idea of the project was launched through the endowment’s vision, which is “finding development solutions through quality and distinguished endowments.” Through this project, we seek to transform the wasted natural resources into investment resources with a developmental, social, economic and environmental impact. Selling them in the local market through a strong and distinguished sales team.

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The idea

Establishing a water factory at the mouth of Wadi Al-Laith, which includes more than 120 main valleys and 13,000 sub-wadis, filling it into different bottles and selling them in the local market through a strong and distinguished sales team capable of discharging the entire product.

Expected effect

 The expected impact of the project's proceeds: 

And represented in the endowment banks that were mentioned previously

Economic Impact


This is through the Core business culture, where the project focuses on production and delivery, and the operations between it remain available for work. The market movement is estimated at 4.6 million riyals.

Social and Development Impact

Career opportunities in the endowment 20 opportunities  -

  Career Opportunities in the Factory 50 Opportunities-

Ensuring Project Heroes Sustainability of Charitable Organizations

  "  Employment-End Training "Empowering Saudi Youth -

Indirect effect:

3 million packages are distributed annually

Encouraging others to invest in the governorate

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The number of visits is more than 200 visits.


A person has been consulted 


Visit of 10 water factory managers    


Visit of 6 owners of water factories.


Entrepreneurs of more than 36 personalities.


Our team has covered more than 100,000 km


Visit more than 25 water plants around the world.


Attend Gulfood International Conferences.    


Consult more than 25 water sales managers.


Consult more than 15 mechanical engineers.

the final form

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